Thank U, Next

So the world has been buzzing about Ariana Grande’s latest single, and number one track Thank U, Next. And that music video? Speechless. I can not even begin to tell you how incredibly excited I was when all this was happening. I have been an Arianator since like, I think it was right in the midst of the Yours Truly era so this is back in 2013. 

This year has been incredibly tough for her and I’m so so proud to see her coming out of it on the other side. It’s just a beautiful thing to watch someone you care about fall into a really bad space and fight through it, and grow to overcome it. Proud is an understatement.

Back to my excitement, I can’t even begin to express it. Sweetener came out, and I was freaking out over that. Breathin, Goodnight n Go, Get Well Soon and God is a Woman are my absolute favourites from the album, and I’m still not over how amazing they are, and homegirl decides to drop, not only a single, but tells us there’s a whole album? Shook. Sis came to snatch wigs and I am here for it. 

Mood going into 2019

Now if you’ve made it this far your probably confused as to the point of this post. I’m mostly just really excited for this era. Sweetener being out for such a short time before we got new music is crazy and exciting and I don’t even know how to act anymore. I’m going to the Tour, April 3rd when she hits Toronto next year and I can’t wait. I’m thinking of doing a get ready with me, come with me type thing. In my true nature of generally not taking a ton of photos there won’t be much of that, but I think it would be fun. Plus I’m sure there’ll be lots of photos and videos floating around online. But that’s still not the point of this.

My take on the title and how it reflects to me on my life at the moment. I haven’t had a lot of relationships, and I don’t date much. Plus dating is hard. We’re all messed up one way or another, too many people have walls up, too many people have sworn to themselves to not get hurt again and end up hurting others. Let’s not get started on the amount of people my age dealing with mental health issues. That’s a whole other blog post, but what I’m trying to say is I don’t connect with the song in that sense.

I’m more on the side of, not necessarily relationships, but experiences throughout the year. I may not necessarily remember them but I am in no way the same person I was at the beginning of this year. I am forever growing as a person and learning more about myself each day. I think that the best part about this song is the chorus and that it can literally be placed in so many different situations and make it feel at the very least a little bit better. 

If this years memes have been any indication, 2018 has been rough for a lot of us. There’s been plenty of good times yes, no doubt, but this year dragged us every which way and we’re stronger for it. Here’s to say thank you to this year, for teaching us, molding us, and helping us grow, but on to the next adventure. It was nice knowing ya 2018

Thank U, Next 2018. It’s been fun

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