Letter of Love

I just got back from an incredible trip with friends, where I got meet some wonderfully inspiring people and my heart is filled with so much love and empathy.

This is to all of you who will continue to inspire me everyday..


The stories told and the words heard
Will never be forgotten
The effortless compassion
Will leave permanent marks in our hearts
The nights in the hot tub
Where all we did was laugh
The early mornings
Where we barely made it to breakfast
All the naps taken
The 3am talks
The 2pm therapy sessions
All the crying
From the overwhelming emotions
From the laughing
The friendships made
The level of understanding
Engulfed the room
The pure heartfelt honesty
Filled us with so much joy
The genuine care for each other
Enveloped the week with so much love
It couldn’t be contained
It will not be contained
It shouldn’t be contained
Each and every person has touched my heart
In more ways than one
My heart is full with so much love
For the people who made this past week possible
For the people who came and shared
For the family built
For the experience shared
My heart is also shattered
For its only been 24 hours
And I miss you so much
But forever my heart belongs to you




Just a little something I had to get off my chest before it burst. To all the beautiful souls, Thank you.

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