V-Day glam

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

February already? Is it just me or was January like 75 years and 2 hours all at the same time? No? Just me? I apologize in advance for adding to all of the v-day posts that are circling the interwebs today, but I thought I’d play around with some makeup and I really like how it all came together.

I’m not really one to have a themed makeup look. I generally just pull out my products and just go at it. Sometimes I’ll try to coordinate the look to go with my lipstick, sometimes to go with my lashes. I guess it really just depends on my mood. I also haven’t really been wearing makeup lately so I thought I’d do something fun. I was also greatly inspired by this photo from Toronto Fashion Week, which I think was the universe aligning things in my favour because I had no idea where to start.

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 11.49.41 PM

So I decided to play around with this idea and I had a lot of fun recreating it. Now your girl doesn’t own a bright, vibrant, colourful eyeshadow palette, so I used lipstick instead. This is mostly just the key products used, I might go into full detail on a later post.


  • NYC Expert last lip color in 452, Red Suade
  • Fenty Beauty Stunna lip paint in Uncensored
  • LDIANER false lashes in X-10

I’m not entirely sure if the NYC one is discontinued or just out of stock but I can’t seem to find it. I originally bought it at Shoppers Drug Mart, but when I check the website it doesn’t pop up. On the NYC website I can’t find the colour but they do have other shades which retail for about $2.50.

Uncensored is available at Sephora for $30.

The lashes I got over on AliExpress.com for about $3-$5 for the pack of 5.


  • NYX butter lipstick in BLS24, Ripe Berry as a blush
  • Fenty Beauty match stix in Blonde
  • Colourpop take me home eyeshadow palette, bitter better

NYX butter available in store or online and retails for about $9.

Blonde Match Stix from Sephora for $31.

I did get my Colourpop palette from Sephora but I don’t see it. It is available here for $12. Bitter Better is the golden shimmer on the bottom right corner. I used that on top of Blonde for the highlight.



  • Maybelline matte in 570, toasted truffle
  • Trust Fund Beauty in K, Bye

I unfortunately can not find either of these lip products and I don’t remember how much I paid for them. However, with such a bold eye, any nude/soft brown that’s subtle will work nicely with this bold red eye.IMG_7789

I had a lot of fun creating this look and I hope you all enjoyed the post. Next stop, learn how to take decent beauty photos! Thank you for reading, and drop in the comments some tips and tricks you use when doing your makeup!

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